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Had dinner twice at Uptown and both times disappointing for both me and my husband. Salads are great, but entrees are not . One night I had the crab burger: dry and bland; another night spaghetti with bolognese sauce. It was more a vodka sauce and watered down or not drained properly. Terrible.

My husband had the steak the first night: tasteless and tough; the second visit was the so-called sirloin burger: dry, tasteless and not a good cut of beef.

The homemade fries are good but not enough for a third visit.

I have been to Uptown only twice for breakfast and I have left with a big smile on my face. It is a pleasure to have at least once a week. Food is nicely served and the taste is to enjoy until the last bite, going through the gourmet rosemary "home" potatoes, to the rich cheese in the omelette to the great coffee.

Marilyn, best of luck to you and Susan; you already know how bussiness is...keep good food, good prices and of course great customer service. Suerte a ambas!

place is just grand...Susan best of luck..Aileen Bordman

I've had dinner twice at Uptown since it opened. The service has been impeccable and the food, ah! One word: DELISH.

The first time I had one of the specials which was Tilapia in a white wine sauce. When I was done with it I paid my compliments to the chef, and wanted to drink the remaining juices from the plate. Since that would not have been appropriate I settled for a piece of bread and soaked up as much of it as I could.

Last night was my second time dining in. My husband and I were in a bit of a rush. We sat down around 5:45 pm and were done and out by 6:26 pm. I'd say that is pretty good. Uptown is BYO and we should have but due to the time constraints we didn't. Next time I will.....now back to dinner.

I ordered the Spaghetti Squash which was served with asparagus, spinach, grape tomatoes and mushrooms. It was light, healthy, aromatic and full of flavors that seem to tantalize the senses.

I plan on having dinner with my girlfriends tomorrow night. I definetely suggesst the next time you're dining out and in Upper Montclair, try Uptown.

Pleasant eating!

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