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Peter Conway AKA Mano a Vino, had his passion for wine ignited in 1973 when he stumbled across a  spectacular Graves in a tiny Florida Gulf Coast wine store. He was looking for something to sip on the beach with some bread and cheese and saw a recommendation by the “Wine Guild” an association he had recently joined.

It was a Graves, what kind of grape is that? Well the sunset and the wine were perfect and this inspired an amorous and lustful interest in the juice beyond Blue Nun, Bolla Soava and straw basket Chianti.

Over the years, living in New York City with trips to Europe, Canada and California provided many opportunities toexplore the vast world of fine wine. His obsession grew and in December 2005 when Peter decided to explore the Web 2.0 technology of Blogging for his day job in IT wine was the obvious topic. was born.  740 posts and over half a million views later Peter has explored a lot of wines, gained many loyal followers, and made many great friends in the wine business.

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Mr. Conway is entirely self taught but threatens to enroll in a certified sommelier program in the coming months.  He is a Distinguished Member of Wine Century Club and has tasted over 147 grapes. In addition to wining, dining and writing Peter hosts wine tastings for private parties and fund raising events. His widely read blog is targeted to people new to wine or those who wish to learn and have new wine experiences.