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A far as food you forgot the COUSCOUS...this is a real specialty of Sicily. In the town of San Vito Lo Capo, north west of the island by the sea, there is an annual feast, the couscous festival. It is in September every year just to give a few numbers...100.000 visitors, 10,000 tickets sold, 5,000 liters of Sicilian wine, 10 national and satellite tv crews, 30 types of cooking, 40,000 portions of sicilian cakes, 200 liters of extra virgin olive oil!
Another one is the Red Tuna...Sicily has probsably the best tuna in the world coming by its waters.
One more is the Swordfish (pesce spada), again one of the best quality can be found in the waters of this island.
As far as dessert i would mention the "cassata siciliana" and the famous CANNOLI!
I could write for hours about Sicily....it is one of my passions.

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