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I enjoy fine wines, especially when they're so inexpensive like OPS. Thanks for the price break!

Another thing I love is watching reviews, tastings of wine. There's a guy who just opened a new site, pardonthatvine.com, who's a natural at it, and very un-stuffy.

Check it out. Best, Don

You are very welcome Will. Thanks for the link.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for all the kind words over the last few years. I can't imagine where Amanti Vino would be without so many wine knowledgeable customers like you and your readers. The Loxarel OPS is our September Wine of the Month and a link to your blog appears in our email announcement this week.

Thanks again for the kind words and we look forward to seeing you, your in-laws and any of your readers throughout the fall.

I'm the export manager from Loxarel, I just want to thank you for your nice comments regarding the OPS wine that I've found by hazard in your web site.If you want that we include you in our news letter please let me know.
kind regards

I bought a bottle of this wine also at Amanti after a movie at Clairidge Cinemas, on our way to dinner at Osteria Giotto's. Giotto's food was delicious, and this wine just brought our dinner experience to a higher level. I recommend both.

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