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my husband and i went on an anniversary gift certificate.
wow, what a transformation from the previous.
the decor was amazing, but that was just the beginning. i personally can cook, so i mostly go out for the service, well i was pleasantly surprised with fabulous attentiveness, and terrific ,delicious cuisine.
i enjoyed myself so much that i suggested to have my parents 60th anniversary party there, and the family agreed. i know they will be thrilled with the results.

Dnt think they make a lot of the breads or cakes in house.

Went there in the summer of 2008. Was exceptional!!I loved the Entres and the scrumptious dessert were to die for! On top of that the venue is gorgeous. I recommended it to some friends recently and they had a completely different experience. Don't know if it was an off night but something has apparently changed.

We had dinner at the Stone House two days ago (Thanksgiving Day) and I couldn't have been more impressed with every single aspect of this facility.

The service was top-notch. The wait staff was friendly, attentive but not overbearing, as well as informed about what they were serving. The food was absolutely delicious. The menu was limited for this occasion, but they had 5 appetizers and 5 dinners to choose from. I had the lump crab cake which was the best crab cake I've EVER had eating out. It was 100% crab. No stuffing or fillers. And it melted in my mouth like butter. It was accompanied by a delightful sauce that I believe was made from roasted peppers. I moved onto the entree, a beautiful piece of salmon over potatoes cut to look like scallops with delicious asparagus tips. Absolutely DELICIOUS. The meal also came with dessert and coffee. I went for an apple tart of sorts. Very light and flakey and worth the wait. It was a great meal-ender.

And all of this for $45 a person on Thanksgiving Day. I thought that was a knock-out price, a great bargain. We usually go to Snuffy's in Scotch Plains for Thanksgiving, but no more. We have a new restaurant! We loved it SO MUCH that we asked for a tour and are planning on having our wedding there! Everyone with us that day was highly impressed with every single aspect of the place, including my very picky mother.

I attended a wedding there almost a year ago. When we arrived, we were sent out, through the area where they were putting the reception together (ie wires everywhere, stuff everywhere) to an outdoor ceremony in December. It was snowing on us and there was one small space heater for 200 people. There was no sound system to hear what was going on. Then we were ushered back through the room under construction for the cocktail hour. They ran out of plates and forks, so my fiance and I had to share one. The food was pretty good in the cocktail hour, as were the drinks but there were only 1/2 of the seats needed, and it was very cramped. I ordered the filet mignon entree from the wedding choices, and it was burnt to a crisp. The portions, even for fine cuisine, I felt were small. Instead of a cake, the bride decided to go with cupcakes, which were actually quite good.

What I would say about this place, is that for starting at 200/pp, they were not well coordinated, the layout left some things to be desired, and the food was mostly blah if that.

The desserts are extraordinary!

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