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Anyone know if the Tomatoes are good or are they all Dried up ?

SAM ........ W R U D ?

Just went to Stamna again last weekend. Yes,it's crowded and tables are close. Yes, even if you make a reservation, you will probably have to wait on a Saturday night. So...if you're uptight and going to stress, this may not be the place for you. But if you're willing to chill out and then relax over great food, you will have a wonderful meal. The grilled fish platter -shrimp, calamari, and squid - is outstanding.My husband had the lamb chops--wonderful. We were not rushed at all, the servers were very nice and very helpful. We love the food, the service and accept the atmosphere for what it is. I've been to Greece and it reminds of their tavernas. If you have the right attitude, you'll enjoy a great meal.

i enjoyed perikli, kudos to him

I've eaten at Stamna twice, once for dinner (crowded) and once for lunch. My lunch friend who lived in Greece for four years said it was as authentic as it gets without being in Greece. This is a minor point for me. What counts is how the food is. It is outstanding. Even with the Saturday night mob scene, service was good. Our lunch portions were generous to the point that I had to take half my lunch home for the next day. I will be going back there soon. I can only hope that the restaurant is able to maintain the same high quality level as going forward. (NB: the baklava portion serves two easily.)

I visited Stamna last night with my aunt and daughter. I was very happy with everything. The food was fantastic! The service was great! I felt like I had my time and space there to enjoy. The service was always there when I needed. I was not pressed by servers' presence to eat fast and leave soon - experience that I get at most other places. They gave a drawing pad and crayons to my 2-year old and she also had a great time.
The Greek salad was superb! For the record of the previous comments - Greek salad is not supposed to include lettuce. I also tried the chicken gyro - also great. And the spinach spanakopitta... oh my god, it was unbelievable! Very, very tasty! All dishes were huge so we had to take a lot of food home. My husband (great cook and food lover) also loved the food we took home and ate it all.
We finished with a baklava that was also great.
I would strongly recommend this place to all people who like Mediterranean cuisine! They will enjoy it!

We've here a few times and had a good meal, but the lines are always so long, we decided to make reservations. We arrived 5 mins early and was told our table would be ready in 5 mins. However, 25 mins later we were shown to a table with a view of the kitchen as well as the entrance to the kitchen. The table was squeezed into such a tight area, you could not sit down. After waiting 25 mins past our reservation and being shown to this table, we left. The food is good here, but apparently the owner has no clue what it means to honor reservations made by patrons and instead, seats his friends. Don't go here, there are plenty of other places to have good greek food..

I made a reservaiton for 7:30 on Saturday, October 16 and it was a horrible experience. We were kept waiting a half hour and then shown to this tiny table outside the kitchen where we couldn't even sit. There were tables of people sitting there who were done eating and their checks and no one did anything about it. The owner was horrible and condesending to me and he even seated a Greek party that didn't have a reservation before my party. I will never go here again and I urge everyoe reading this to stay clear of this place. The service is HORRIBLE, the place is VERY SMALL AND NOT VERY CLEAN!!!!!

I have had better greek food but is good for the money you pay...the atmosphere is nothing special...but again it's cheap...

After years of devotion to Greek Delights, we decided to give Stamna a shot. Sorry to say, not even close to Greek Delights ... and we can't fathom why the place is packed or getting such exuberant press. Believe me, we are fresh-herb-growing, good-eats-devouring foodies ... we know cuisine (and we're also pretty forgiving when it appears someone's really trying hard to please and misses the mark). We tried a large Greek salad ... No.Lettuce. No.Flavor. We tried the $14.50 grilled octopus appetizer. We got two tentacles, roughly 8 inches long. Wife said they were tasty, but still ... that's at least a buck more than Greek Delights and Greek Taverna. Lastly, we tried two gyros; true, they were stuffed with meat, but the sauce was exceedingly bland, as was the meat.

All in all, a one-and-done experience with Stamna, I'm afraid (and no, we're in no way affiliated with Greek Delights ... which I heartily suggest you try, if for no other reason than the dining room is so much roomier).

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