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We love falafel hut and eat there weekly when we need a quick healthy and delicious dinner. Also, they catered when I unexpectedly had 20 family members come for dinner and the food was abundant, delicious and very reasonable.


Based on all the reviews and a "Best of...." from New Jersey Monthly Magazine, I decided to try the Hut and compare it with Beyond Pita also located in Montclair. Ordering a falafel and Kabob in a pita,
I found the difference in falafels was big. The HUT's falafel had a nice crunch but had a very oily taste to it and the oil seemed old or highly used. It also had a high acidic bang that attacked my tongue with a strong sting to it. An abundance of salad stuffed into the pita did not pair well with the actual falafels in it. In comparison, I found the falafel at Beyond Pita to be very well executed. The falafels themselves were very fresh tasting and had great flavor. The additional salad mix in the pita meld well and had great balanced flavors together.
My conclusion was the that the Falafel Hut is highly over-rated for it's falafel.
That said, the lamb in the Kabob in Pita had great flavor and was very tender but the salad blend stuffed in the pita took over. The ratio was way out of balance. For every bite of a great piece of lamb, I had to absorb 4 to 5 bites of salad.
At Beyond Pita, I also had another touted item by New Jersey Monthly which was the "Best Cheesesteak in NJ".... It turned out to be stuffed with grilled potatoes that overtook the flavor and quantity of the meat in it. Not a traditional cheesesteak at all.

This restaurant is amazing. I love their falafel pita sandwich. It's the best I've ever had. The people are also so friendly and accomodating.

"Falafel hut, where the menu goes far beyond Kabab...."

Falafel Hut Montclair

Falafel Hut food is so good that it received rave reviews from major local
newspapers.The following is a sample of what they had to say about Falafel Hut.

"Having sampled the buffet on many occasions, it appears to me that the Falafel Hut family eats quite well. The garlicky-good hummus, ground from whole chickpeas that are soaked and cooked in the traditional manner, is great by itself, and sometimes the dish is spiked with fresh red peppers or herbs. Chickpeas also find their way into the fresh and fluffy falafel patties – the best I've ever tried – along with fava beans, herbs, leeks, green onions and garlic. Fans of fava beans can also find the legume in another dish.

i love that place i tried everything

We love this place and order from there often. The food is always great and the people who work there are always so nice to us. We've never had a bad meal no matter what we've ordered. The only thing we would really like is the menu posted on their web site.
You do not have to post this comment.
Thank you so much..

i love that place i tried everything

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