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I had the opportunity to bring a client to the Brookside Thai Restaurant located in Bloomfield, NJ this past Sunday night. I'm happy to say my Curry Puffs & deep fried duck we had was by far the best I have ever tasted and the hospitality we had from the entire staff was exceptional. Four Stars ****

I just had dinner at The Tewksbury Inn in Oldwick last night.I must tell you something is not right here. The first sign of trouble was the exterior porch entry that was in dire need of scrapping and repainting. The second sign was that on a Sunday nite I called up and asked if I could still get my table even though I was to be 30 Minutes late and they said, sure, we can accommodate you.
Well,I ordered a bottle of Robert Biale Zinfandel and at $80/bottle you would think it was properly cellared. Wrong, this bottle was ice cold and when the young waitress uncorked the bottle it had crystals formed on the underside of the cork. Not good. They offered to decant and it was corked, so another bottle was brought out and it was better.
The Port Judith Calamari has always been a
standout for its cornmeal crusty exterior but not this dish. The recipe and the execution has changed and not for the better. Limp and unappealing this is not what I remember as a former standout app.
My daughter ordered the Papardelle and normally she tears through her pasta, not last night. The pasta was limp and unappealing and she said didn't taste very good. That's a nine year old's perspective.
I ordered the leg of lamb and when the dish arrived I was unclear what the protein was. I have previously had leg of lamb and this presentation had excess fat and was not prepared as requested medium. It was only saved by a decent wine reduction with good flavor. The meat was lifeless and fatty.
My wife had the chicken bistro which previously was another standout dish, not tonight. It was overcook and dry. She is a midwestern girl and for her to not eat the mashed potatoes you know there is a real problem. We ended with servicable strawberry shortcake and my wife had a cappucino, which she preferred not finishing because of its lack of flavor and
weak taste.
Overall, we were extremely disappointed in one of our old time standbys. It seems that they changed the wallpaper in the main dining room and forgot to check the front entry for wear as well as the stairways, which showed old, dirty carpeting in need of
refreshing. So if anyone can shed some light on this place. PlEASE DO. Regretfully, we will not be going back and will not recommend to anyone.

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